Welcome to my blog, an entry in to the wonderful world that is fantasy literature.  I hope that you enjoy the content and maybe find something new to read. I will be updating this as regularly as I can with reviews, interviews, thoughts on Fantasy literature.

A little bit about me, I have been reading since a young age and reading fantasy for a long time as well, I love to be able to read about a world and discover it.  This is what my blog will be about, worlds to explore, worlds to discover. Join me on my journey!

If you are a fantasy author and you would like me to review your book, then please use the contact page, this will allow me to keep things running smoothly.cosmic-timetraveler-EmSpZYr3hEg-unsplash (1).

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Can I submit a kindle book for review? Witches, book one in the Cross-Worlds Coven series.

    1. Hi Phil, you can do I do have a contact page if you want to send something for me to review for you.

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