A dark fantasy world awaits – My review of the World Maker Parable by Luke Tarzian

Hello to you all and Wes thu hal to you.  The lockdown and life in the great indoors has really allowed me to appreciate reading more and I hope that it has for you as well.

I believe we are living through a golden age of fantasy writing, with so many writing styles, worlds and characters being offered.  This is Day 1 of the Storytellers on Tour blog tour of The World Maker Parable by Luke Tarzian, I am delighted to have been invited to take part. 

On that note, I would now like to draw your attention to the works of Luke Tarzian and specifically, The World Maker Parable, a prequel novella to his Shadow Twins Trilogy.  It is an exquisite novella, an amazing introduction to the world he has created and oh my, how this story lingers in your imagination when you are done, be prepared for an experience! 

Here is the premise:

Guilt will always call you back…

Rhona is a faithful servant of the country Jémoon and a woman in love. Everything changes when her beloved sets the ravenous Vulture goddess loose upon the land. Forced to execute the woman she loves for committing treason, Rhona discovers a profound correlation between morality and truth. A connection that might save her people or annihilate them all.

You are a lie…

Varésh Lúm-talé is many things, most of all a genocidal liar. A falsity searching for the Phoenix goddess whom he believes can help him rectify his atrocities. Such an undertaking is an arduous one for a man with missing memories and a conscience set on rending him from inside out. A man whose journey leads to Hang-Dead Forest and a meeting with a Vulture goddess who is not entirely as she seems.

This is an amazing little book, this author will be one to watch as it was such an engaging and thought provoking read, it lingered in my mind.  Even from the start as we follow Rhona taking her beloved to be executed in one of the scariest sounding places ever…The Hang-Dead Forest, the atmosphere builds into a story that takes you through a dark fantasy world.  Prepare for a journey through dreams, memory, regret and the reminiscence of gods, I was wowed how Luke effortlessly weaved this tale and how vivid the characters you will encounter are.  This is a sparsely populated tale, the characters you will find are few, but all memorable.

There are two stories we follow, Rhona’s and Varesh Lum-Tale. Varesh is a character you will grow to like ( I hope).  He has one fantastic arc in this novella, a character without his memories but a desire to fix a problem and a carrier of a conscience that will make you wonder about him. These two characters, with their concurrent stories, are really some of the best I have had the pleasure to read about and I encourage you to find them as well.

Now something I want to touch on in this review is the structure and how the novella is laid out, the concurrent stories and the use of past and present.  Luke masterfully switches the action between a then and a now, the past the present and possibly the future? This was one of the best aspects of the book, it allowed the pace and the action to flow in a way that kept me reading this throughout and allowed the full breadth of the world described to be shown to me. 

The world in any fantasy novel has become increasingly important to me as a reader. Luke has created a dark fantasy world and it is a wonderful example of secondary creation.  In the time you spend there, you are introduced to entire cities and brief but beautiful snippets of this world.  I am so excited to explore more of the world of Ariath when I read book 1 of his Shadow Twins series: Vultures.

Once again I feel very privileged to be involved in a blog tour organised by the incredible Storytellers on Tour. I am getting some incredible reading opportunities and this has definitely been one of them.  Finally, check out Luke and his work because I believe it to be something special and worth your investment as a reader.

Please check out the awesome blog tour when you get a second, there are some great bloggers on this tour, and one last thing a competition is running via Rafflecopter to win a physical copy of the book!  It would make a lovely addition to your bookshelf, just click the below link to enter:


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About Luke

Luke Tarzian was born in Bucharest, Romania until his parents made the extremely poor choice of adopting him less than six months into his life. As such, he’s resided primarily in the United States and currently lives in California with his wife and their infant daughters. Fascinated by psychology and the work of Edgar Allan Poe, and inspired by his own anxieties, his character-driven fiction functions as a meditation on emotion, most commonly grief. His debut novel, Vultures, introduced a surreal, demon-ridden world where dreams are sometimes more than dreams and magic, memories, misery are heavily entwined.  Vultures is the first book in the Shadow Twins trilogy with a prequel novella entitled The World Maker Parable due out in April 2020.

I really do hope that you are all staying safe and reading, it truly is a wonderful thing to do at the moment.  If you have read any of Luke’s works what did you think? Let me know in the comments to discuss.

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