Oneiros by Woodrow M. Bell review

Hello and welcome to another review in Vesna’s section of The Swordsmith blog and I’m back with another sci-fi book. Today I’ll be talking about a recently released book called Oneiros by Woodrow M. Bell. I was given a copy of the book through BookSirens in exchange for an honest review.

The Premise

What happens when Earth is falling apart because of asteroids? For the last 30 years asteroids have pummelled Earth and civilisation is on the edge of annihilation. The story follows Major Asher Gray, who is about to retire from the military when he gets one last mission to secure his military status and financial status for his family. He has to travel to the Oort cloud station which is on the edge of the Solar system. He and his team have to find the source from where the rocks are coming from before the Earth is destroyed. Asher quickly realises he isn’t the only one on the job and what is up against him will do everything to stop him from accomplishing his goals. He has limited time to reveal the secrets and his family left behind on Earth is on the verge of breaking up. He’s left with a choice: saving the family or saving the Earth.

The Review

I have to say, this book was a no brainer for me to pick it up. With a premise like that it’s a must for me. When I read the synopsis I truly expected an action packed space mystery but it just wasn’t that. Oneiros is a slow burner focusing on characters for the most part of the novel.  Even though it wasn’t what I was expecting it to be it didn’t disappoint. The characters were really well written and I truly enjoyed getting to know the story behind each one. Even though I found Asher to be career driven jerk (for the most parts – I know some people are), not liking him didn’t ruin the story for me. What I also liked is the politics. I didn’t get this from the synopsis either but the whole story has a political background and tactical political decisions are driving the story forward and I absolutely loved it. Then we get to the Oort station. It was so beautifully described I could imagine every aspect of it and the imagination behind it when it comes to technology and it’s looks is truly astonishing.

My only problem comes in the last third of the book. This is where the action comes in. It’s not that I didn’t like it but in comparison to the rest of the novel it just went a bit too fast. All the character revelations and things that went on around it happened so fast I kept asking myself questions. It would be nice to go a bit slower and some explanations would be very helpful along the way.

I still have to say, the fast ending didn’t ruin the book. It was still a remarkable journey to space and it’s a fantastic debut novel. I highly recommend it to every sci-fi lover with ease and I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

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