The Pillar of Creation: Rising Shadows by Philip Blackwater review

Hello! Welcome to the latest review on the blog!  Westu Hal to you, I do hope that you are staying safe and reading something awesome!  I am bringing a review to you today of a one fantastic epic work of fantasy!  This book had everything I look for in epic fantasy, this is the beginning of an epic fantasy series and in my opinion one to watch.

Welcome to my review of The Pillar of Creation: Rising Shadows by Philip Blackwater!

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Now on to the premise!

The Premise

As tension rises between the southern and northern nations of the small continent of Exitium in the world of Anteris, the Elves turn to their eastern neighbors, the Humans, for help. They wish to learn the ways of combat, which they are not accustomed to, for they have always wielded a power far greater than forged steel. The Shards of Creation, mystical artifacts of great and virtually infinite power, have always been their prized weapon, but times have changed. They now face the same threat as the Humans: the southern nation known as the Ethula.

Wariel Ritch, general of the Human army, will take upon his shoulders this burden. But when a shadow of a past long forgotten threatens what little stability is left in the world, he will have to leave everything behind to stop it. Medregal Tergrast, an Ethulan king, dead for a thousand years, plans his return to the world of the living to gain back his former glory and finally fulfill his destiny by gaining control of the Shards of Creation. But is he really the threat people make him out to be? 

In the meantime, in the bowels of the Human Kingdom, the reign of Dana Crystaloak is put into jeopardy when people around her start questioning her decisions. If she falls, war could break out.

The Review

Epic fantasy has a way of satisfying the soul, and let me tell you that The Pillar of Creation did just that it was amazing!  It was hard for me not to put this book down as it was such an interesting and absorbing story.  The creativity of the story is evident when you read it, Philip has crafted a world that you will love reading!  You visit so many places that had their own traditions, architecture, lore, beauty, it was such a well realised and created secondary world. This is largely down to Philips accessible writing style, it draws the reader in as some of the best writers can do and Anteris really is a world I want to spend more time in.

This is a well organised book as well, the plot is well thought out and it was a welcome return to POV chapters for me!  I have never been quite sure what person or writing style is my favorite, but multiple POV is one of my favourites.  It is deployed well here as it allows the reader to experience different sides of the story, the author to build tension and deliver some awesome action sequences!

You are in for a treat if you pick this book up, it is again another fine example of character driven fantasy.  As mentioned the plot is well thought out, but the characters take this story over almost from the very beginning and drive the plot forward.  I was particularly impressed with political side of the story, Philip handles this well and the motivations of those wishing to topple the Queen were more understandable as a consequence.  This leads me finally to the magic system, and my goodness how cool is the magic system!  You are first introduced to it with shards, or mentions of creation shards that the Elves have, then Philip takes the concept and runs with it, I really don’t want to say to much more because it will spoil the story for you.  What I will say that if you enjoy a well thought out, rules based magic system then you will love this!

All in all this was a great read for me, it had everything I look for in an epic fantasy story and more and easily gets my seal of approval to read.  A fantastic character driven story awaits you, with some brilliant characters, an intriguing magic system and a wonderfully created secondary world and guess what?  It’s book 1 in a series!  I cannot wait for more of this, Philip Blackwater I tip my hat to you!

Now I am not done yet, I have some extra special to show you.  I have been asked by Philip to reveal something really quite amazing!  Scroll down and you will find one of the most amazing character portraits you will ever see, now if you have read the book you might know who this is, but if you haven’t and read the blurb then have a guess and let me know in the comments.  While you are at it, let me know your casting ideas as to who would play this character, again leave them in the comments as Philip will reveal this and more soon.  Anyway enough from me, check out this AMAZING artwork!

About Phillip

I am a fan of fiction, mostly fantasy, sci-fi, and post-apocalyptic (amongst others), and in all its forms, whether it is books, video games, movies, or tv-shows.

The first time I truly realized how much I loved fiction, was through The Lord of the Rings’ movies (like probably a lot of people). Since then, I traveled to so many different worlds: Halo, Mass Effect, Warcraft, Elder Scrolls, Witcher, and Fallout (to only name a few). It made me want to explore my own imagination and see what worlds I could create. This is what led me to writing.

What can you expect from my books? I don’t bother myself trying to be a flowery writer. What I want when people read my books, is for them to have good time and some fun. This is what truly matters to me.

When I’m not writing, I am: A husband. A father of three cats. Reading, gaming, or watching movies and tv shows. A big hockey fan. And when I’m done with all of that, I’m a big geek and collect a lot of stuff (No, I’m not a hoarder, I swear!).


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