Cold From The North by D.W Ross review

Hello!  Welcome to the latest review on the blog, Westu hal to you.  I am coming to you today with a review of something quite special. I have recently finished one of the best debut novels I have read in some time, yes this is my review of Cold from the North by D.W Ross.  

Now before I go any further, I was given a free review copy in exchange for an honest review by Ross.  I will be honest with you all, I was excited about reading this and when the opportunity came my way I grabbed it and it is such a rewarding read.

Anyway on with the premise..

The Premise

Driven by the promise of an ancient prophecy which will bring the dark ways of an old god back to power and prominence, an army of invaders swarms Ogulf Harlsbane’s homeland slaughtering all those who oppose them.

Along with his people, Ogulf must seek refuge from this savage force. In his search of sanctuary, he is tasked with finding the one person who can put a stop to the onslaught.

Doing so will send him across lands and seas, have him and his closest friend navigate the intricacies of a civil war, and try to win the help of the princess fighting for her throne.

If he fails, darkness will prevail and the reign of the Onyxborn will begin

The Review

I might be echoing a few people here, but this is a wonderfully written debut with a nordic style world and a fascinating world that I really enjoyed exploring.  It was such an authentic and clearly well built world, I have a real soft spot for Nordic tales and I love reading anything in this setting.  There is lot to enjoy about the setting as well, there are dark secrets, secret orders, as well as a war.  A prophecy that promises to bring dark magic back into the world, magic weapons and family issues.  The way that Ross fits all of this into one book is brilliant.

This is a great example of plot driven fantasy, you constantly move in this story and while there is a lot of action the book can lull in places, however it is well written and exciting when it happens.  This is a well built world as mentioned that I really enjoyed exploring, it has intriguing lore and a self discovering plotline – as the characters are working out what is going and why.

I felt the characters were well developed (in fact if you when you read the acknowledgments) you will find out how the main character really came about which is so awesome, I felt there might have been room for a bit more development of most of the characters which may have added more depth to the story but for a debut this is solid work and I hope that Ross continues this work with his next book.

Now one of the things I really enjoyed was the magic system, which is mysterious and this is well handled by Ross.  Magic is mysterious and most of the characters can’t use it, only can Meglun can to begin with.  He does not understand his gift but as they travel south Melgan learns of his gift, how it grows and how the environment shapes it as well.  I really love this mechanic for a magic system, it’s not new but it’s well employed by Ross for great effect and in some of the more exciting fight scenes as well.

So there you are, an absorbing debut novel is available for you here.  An epic story is beginning to be told and I cannot wait for the next book which is due around summer time 2021.  I want to thank Ross again for the review copy, this easily gets my seal of approval to read and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for an epic story to dive into.

That’s all from me on this one, Westu hal stay safe and I hope that you are reading something awesome.

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