I’m a sucker for..

Hello and welcome to another post here on the Swordsmith blog, westu hal to you.  I do hope that you are well and reading something awesome!  I was challenged on twitter by my book blogging buddy Alex @blogspells on what I am sucker for, this really didn’t take much thinking about so here we go!

Epic Fantasy

My favourite sub genre of fantasy is easily epic fantasy, pure and simple.  I love stories set in epic worlds, are wonders of secondary creation and my mind turns towards the likes of Brandon Sanderson, George R R Martin, D.P Wooliscroft and of course J R R Tolkien.  While there are so many more to mention, those are a few of my favourites.

I would love you to use this image to imagine a scene from an epic fantasy, there is nothing better than a character looking out on a windswept, bleak looking world like this – oh my goodness I love it.

Urban Fantasy

Another favourite and something I jump at is urban fantasy, a few authors and settings come to mind,  I love urban fantasy, it has the potential to push fantasy in a very different way.  Authors such as D.P Wooliscroft and Gareth Hanrahan come to mind and Jay Kristoff as well, fantasy in an urban setting pushes it in to a different place, allowing for many different eras and ideas to come to the fore.

Imagine being a character looking out on this urban fantasy setting, there is something wonderful about an urban fantasy setting that I find to be one of the best.  

Well there you are, that’s what I am a sucker for.  Thank to Alex for challenging me for this one it’s been fun and check to see if I challenge you!

Westu hal

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