An ambitious May TBR

Hello!  Welcome to another post here on the swordsmith blog, westu hal to you.  I hope that this post finds you well, that you are reading something awesome and that you are staying safe.  

Welcome to our May TBR post, where is the year going?  It’s amazing we are already here and that life is slowly going back to normal.  We decided to do this post quite recently, we don’t do many of these largely due to reading habits changing and last minute decisions.

In a rather good attempt at deciding on what to read for a month, I am now presenting our reading for the month of May and I am excited about every one of these books.

Firstly for me stating in May, I will be reading Sword of Destiny by Andrez Sapkowski.  The Witcher books are what they are, I happen to really enjoy the short story format of this one. I am also reading it along with a group of like minded people led by Alex from Blog Spells. Check out the book here.

Vesna’s first book: Since I’m still taking part in the Cosmere Conquest, I’m starting May with Mistborn Era 2: The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson. I haven’t read this book before, and as much as I love Sanderson’s writing, I’m also happy he manages to write shorter books, which Mistborn Era 2 are. I’m sure I’ll love them either way. Check out the book here.

Next for me, I will be reading Shards of Earth by Adrian Tchaikovsky and this is an exciting one for me.  I am joining a Write Reads blog tour for it and was very lucky to receive a physical ARC of this brilliant sounding Sci-Fi book.  Check out the book here.

Vesna’s next book: For me, the second read was planned a month earlier but I had some ARC’s lined up I needed to take care of so here it is in May. A Desolation Called Peace by Arkady Martine. The debut novel ,A Memory Called Empire, was probably one of my favorite reads last year and I’m really excited to pick this one up as I believe it will be amazing. Check out the book here.

Next for me and this is a fantastic sounding one, is The Iron Crown by Lauren Macrae. I have been really interested in this book after Lauren reached out to me.  I have also been able to read a wonderful introduction to this word which is The Citrine Key, you can get this for free if you sign up to her mailing list (just saying). Check out the book here.

Vesna’s next book: The next book for me is not quite set in stone yet, since both books I’m deciding about will be released in May and are both preordered. It’s just a matter of which will arrive from the UK sooner: either Master Artificer by Justin T. Call, or Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir. I can’t wait to read them both so either one will be just great. If I’m lucky enough, I’ll be able to fit both of them to my May schedule. Check out Master Artificer here, and Project Hail Mary here.

Ambitious as this TBR I am excited about the release of The Broken God by Gareth Hanrahan. Therefore I have decided to read all of the Black Iron Legacy so far….and I am excited about my return to Guerdon. This is easily one of my favorite urban fantasy series, check out the books here.

Finally I am presenting our final read which is something I have been looking forward to returning to. I also believe that Vesna is pretty excited about this one as well.  We are buddy reading Legacy of Ash (and quite possibly the whole Legacy trilogy as well…) by Matthew Ward, arguably one of the finest works of epic fantasy recently. It’s going to be amazing buddy reading this. Check out the book here

Well that’s it from us, I hope you enjoyed this May TBR post.  May is an exciting month for fantasy as Wyrd and Wonder begins. This is a month long celebration of the fantasy genre so make sure you check it out on Twitter and follow along.  The photo challenge is worth it, trust me.

Anyway wish us luck for our May reading, let us know what your plans are.  I hope that whatever you plan to read is awesome, stay safe and of course Westu hal.

11 thoughts on “An ambitious May TBR

    1. Why thank you, it’s ambitious but we are looking forward to it. The Black Iron Legacy is easily a book series i can recommend to you Jake.

    1. Happy May reading to you as well and Wyrd & Wonder adventuring. Sounds good to me, I hear some good things about that one.

  1. Good luck with your TBR! Mine is also maaaaybee, ok certainly, too ambitious, but there are just too many books I’m excited about!

    1. Good luck as well, happy adventuring this May. I am with you as there are so many books I am excited about as well.

    1. How are you finding Sword of Destiny? Hope May is an adventurous reading month for you as well.

  2. Hallo, Hallo, welcome to our fourth year of Wyrd And Wonder,

    By the looks of it, we read in different circles of Fantasy, as I’m a bit particular about the kinds of Fantasy I read as I am quite the sensitive reader. I tend to have a higher yield of MG & YA Fantasy than Adult, but each year I still find new Adult Fantasy stories/series which give me a wicked good read, too. It is such a joy to see how many books you’re attempting to read as I tend to have high ambitions myself in how many stories I want to consume every May, too. I hope almost the reads you undertake more than a few will stand out as beloved #mustreads. If you swing by my blog I released 2x reviews and my Intro to Year 4 post so far – loads more to come, too.

    1. It’s fantastic to just be a little part of Wyrd and Wonder Jorie! Hello! I like the sound of your approach to the TBR as well, I don’t always do this approach myself but we decided to go for it. I certainly hope that some are must reads as well, I am certainly looking forward to all of them.

      1. Never feel like you’ve not done enough for Wyrd And Wonder – big, small or flying in and out of the event – everyone joins us as oft as they can and does what they can to share their love of Fantasy. I think its fantastic you have so many reads this month by so many different authors – that’s just exciting because you never know which one will be the ones you’ll love most – I have the same excitement myself when I look at the stories I’ll be reading. Top cheers!!

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