February update – What I am reading/read – Exciting times

Hello to all I for one am glad that January is over, it has been a difficult month for a couple of reasons.  My reading however has been something that is proving to be amazing for me, and getting back to my blog has been even better, thank you for reading so far. So, whatContinue reading “February update – What I am reading/read – Exciting times”

What I am reading, what are you reading?

Well it has been some time!  All I can do is apologise for my lack of activity. It has been another awesome year for fantasy literature and I am looking forward to the next few books on my TBR pile. So what am I reading? Currently I am immersed in Godblind by Anna Stephens.  IContinue reading “What I am reading, what are you reading?”

It is good to be back!

Welcome welcome welcome!  I am relaunching my blog and it is so good to be back!  Once upon a time I ran blog called the grimdarkfiles, it was mildly successful and I was quite proud of it.  Now after quite a few months absent, I am back and equipped with a new blog that IContinue reading “It is good to be back!”